Speciality Waxing

Speciality Waxing

We at Therapy are renowned for our speciality waxing. Choose us for our thoroughness, professionalism & precision in these treatments! We highly recommend that you choose Lycon wax for brazillian & hollywood waxing. This revolutionary new wax shrink-wraps the hair allowing a more gentle treatment for delicate areas.

Brazillian (Strip Wax)
30 mins
Brazillian (Lycon Hot Wax) 30 mins£43.50
Hollywood (Strip Wax)
30 mins£42.50
Hollywood (Lycon Hot Wax)
30 mins£45.00

1/2 Leg & Brazillian  (Strip Wax)          60 mins  £55.50 
1/2 Leg & Hollywood  (Strip Wax)60 mins £57.50
1/2 Leg & Brazillian (Lycon Hot Wax)60 mins £58.50
1/2 Leg & Hollywood (Lycon Hot Wax) 60 mins £60.00
Full Leg & Brazillian   (Strip Wax) 75 mins  £66.00
Full Leg & Hollywood  (Strip Wax) 75 mins 


Full Leg & Brazillian (Lycon Hot Wax) 75 mins 


Full Leg & Hollywood (Lycon Hot Wax)75 mins  £69.50

(Please note for the above combinations all leg waxing will be done with strip wax.)