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Do you want to look more youthful in 2015?

Venus Freeze Anti- Ageing- The Facelift Of The Future!! A review by Becca Teers

Having heard great things about the Venus Freeze and researching both it’s background, how it works and other Radio Frequency machines on the market, I contacted the company, Venus Concept in London to go and trial the treatment. I took a friend along with me as she wanted to try the Venus and it meant I could objectively see any difference to her skin following the treatment. The technology of the Venus Freeze uses Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulse technology, which combined make the treatment very comfortable and more effective than other Radio Frequency treatments. Together they create a heating under the skin (contrary to the name’ Freeze’ which implies that the skin will feel cold- the name Venus Freeze is actually meant to signify ‘freezing time’). The heat within the lower region of the skin causes a healing response. This response stimulates collagen & elastin production (which form the framework of support, that starts to deplete as we get older). The presence of Collagen and Elastin keep the skin looking firm & youthful.

The results, even from one session on the face, were noticeable both to my friend and to me. Her skin was so much firmer, especially around the ‘jowly’ area and the eyes appeared more open as the area above the eyes had ‘pulled up’ slightly. The overall effect was a natural looking, more youthful, firmer appearance. I had the treatment done myself following my friend and again was impressed at the ‘plumping up’ effect it had on my face and the smoother appearance of the neck area too. The effects lasted a day or two, but gradually about midway through the course of treatments the effects begin to stay past the two- day mark and become more long lasting. A course of 6-8 weekly sessions is recommended for lasting, best results. Thereafter, maintenance treatments are only required every 2-3 months, this is because the new boost of collagen (the skin’s scaffolding) continues to form for up to three months, even after the course has finished!!

It didn’t take me much persuasion to take the treatment on at Therapy and so from September of last year we launched the Venus Freeze in the salon. It’s been very popular so far and clients are loving the results!! Word is spreading and we now get many enquiries and new bookings weekly!

My personal experience of the treatment is very pleasant, it’s a warm and relaxing facial and feels a bit like a warm stone massage. There are eight of us doing the Venus treatments in the salon and we were all trained at the same time, with Callie the trainer from Venus Concept. My team are all very proficient with the machine and the technology. So the experience is great and sessions are relaxing- but the result is obviously what counts!! 

I can honestly say that the results I got were amazing. After 5 sessions the firmness started to remain and I was getting comments about how well I looked. After the course of 8 finished in December the tone & ‘plumpness’ of the skin is still improving. I will probably have a maintenance session in February and I then intend on starting a course on the body- ready for the bikini season!!!