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Dry, chapped winter lips?

Therapy’s Shift Leader Adele has some helpful advice: The cold air is always trying to suck the moisture out of our skin and that doesn't exclude the lips. In a season where everyone wants to snuggle up close to someone special, a pair of dry, chapped lips will ruin the moment, every time. Here are some helpful tips to keep the lips soft & hydrated; 

Do exfoliate the lips. 
If you're suffering from dry, flaky lips, slough off the dead skin. Use some left over product when you’re exfoliating the whole face or make one from scratch with some honey and sugar. Reveal the new softer skin beneath that old unsightly layer, to start fresh again. 

Don't lick the lips. 
This may look and feel like a quick fix to lips that feel dry and uncomfortable, but all it does is make your mouth look and feel worse. Keeping lips hydrated this way will have you licking them practically every minute! 

Do keep a moisturizer handy. 
When it comes to lip balm, don't leave home without it! To truly treat lips that have been prone to severe dryness, help them recover by applying moisture and healthy hydration throughout the day. Lip balms with aloe, vitamin E, and our beloved essential oils are the key to keeping lips looking healthy. 

Don't taint your formula.
We recommend using lip balms that keep fingers free of the product. Using lip hydrators that force you to dip your finger into the moisturizer to apply it can run the risk of contaminated it with germs. This can lead to breakouts, cold sores, and irritated skin. 

Do layer your lips. 
With so many fabulous lip colours in need of wearing, layer your lip balm underneath your lip colour to ensure they’re well taken care of.

Written by Therapy Shift Leader Adele